EU Delegation Press Release

Skopje, 23 April 2020


Overview of EU assistance to North Macedonia regarding coronavirus crisis 

The distribution of the donation from the European Union to help North Macedonia in its fight against coronavirus crisis in the amount of 66 mil EUR, that was announced few weeks ago, will take place as follows:

  • 4 mil EUR for immediate medical supplies – first delivery, including much needed respirators, will be delivered tomorrow;
  • 3 mil EUR direct budget support – procedures are on-going, to be delivered in the coming weeks;
  • 9 mil EUR of direct support for small and medium enterprises will start in the autumn;
  • 40 mil EUR – distribution of funds is at the moment being finalised with the government as support for small and micro enterprises and active employment measures. Target is a first tranche of funds to be delivered to the budget after summer;
  • 10 mil EUR allocation for possible health and other urgent needs that may occur in future.In addition to this donation, the EU Delegation, together with the involved partners, is in the process of preparing possible redirection of funds of on-going projects towards emergency and recovery measures related to the Covid-19 crisis.


The European Union activated different mechanisms for further assistance to the Republic of North Macedonia in the management of the coronavirus crisis.

Yesterday, the European Commission proposed to the EU Council and European Parliament 160 mil EUR of macro financial assistance for the budget of the country in the form of loans to manage the fiscal consequences of the crisis caused by Covid-19.

North Macedonia is eligible to be associated with the European Joint Procurement Agreement for medical equipment and EU’s Rapid Alert System for communicable diseases. The European Union is in the process of releasing export of medical equipment to the countries of WB, including North Macedonia.

As a partner country, North Macedonia was able to ask for support from the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, which resulted in delivery of generators, tents, blankets, mattresses, as well as hygiene sets.

In addition to the support provided by the European Union, bilateral assistance was provided by several EU Member States.

European Union with its Member States has been by far the strongest ally and partner of North Macedonia in this crisis. We will continue to show solidarity and support addressing this common challenge.


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