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  • 01

    11:00 -13:00

    Official launch of the 3rd Call for Proposals for Cross Border Cooperation projects between North Macedonia and Albania

    Goran Milevski, Minister of Local Self-Government of North Macedonia and Zef Mazi, Chief Negotiator/National IPA Coordinator of Republic of Albania will present the opportunities for funding that are available under this call to the municipalities from the cross-border area.

  • 03

    09:00 -13:00


    Session 1 STATE OF PLAY: Institutional actions

    Session 2 PERSONAL TESTIMONIES: How de-Institutionalization changed my life

  • 04

    11:00 -14:00


    Session 3  CIVIC SECTOR ACTIONS: Increasing the role of the civic sector in the delivery of community-based social services

  • 09

    21:15 -23:00

    Join us to prevent any kind of violence against women and girls, gender equality or any kind of human rights.

    For the first time in national television, 9th of December at 21:15, we will broadcast the excellent and award-winning feature film “Witch Hunters” by director Rasko Miljkovi.

    “Witch Hunters” is the story of John, a ten-year-old boy who was born with partial cerebral palsy. His life is determined by this condition. Through his imagination John escapes into the world of fantasy in which, unhindered by his physical disability, he is free to do anything and be who he wants to be, a kind of Superhero.


  • 10

    10:00 -12:00

    Social media has exponentially increased the space for free expression on the Internet, but it has also created new challenges. They enabled easier communication and connected us, but also opened a space for spreading hate speech and disinformation.


    This event aims to contribute to the discussion of what policies are needed, and which stakeholders should be involved in their design and implementation to ensure an appropriate response to these challenges.


    We invite you to register for the event on the following link: 

    The agenda for the event is avaliable here:

    Simultaneous translation will be provided for Macedonian, Albanian and English language