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  • 02

    All day
    Моменталната криза наметна сериозен предизвик кај младите, обесхрабрени во својот напредок и реализација.
    Денешниот вебинар во ⭐️Europe House⭐️Крива Паланка гo потенцираше формалното стручно образование и обука како потенцијален излез и пренасочување. 🆙
    Исто така, преку практични примери, учесниците се запознаа што претставува, вклучува и подразбира младинска работа, влијанието на 🇪🇺 за напредок и интеграција на младите, како и состојбата со младинската работа во 🇲🇰.
  • 09

    17:00 -18:00
    An online discussion/pep talk envisioned to inform, inspire, energize and motivate young people to be entrepreneurially proactive.
    The guest speaker Petar Hristov, Founder of “Power AD” (first North Macedonian franchise) and founder of cryptovalute “PADCoin”, will share his experience of how he got informed, inspired, energized and motivated to start and grow his respective businesses sharing the nitty-gritty of how an idea became a reality and expanded across borders.

    May be an image of 1 person and text that says "EUROPE HOUSE PEP Talks R/V on Innovative Entrepreneurship Petar Hristov € 0910412021 17:00h"

  • 13

    14:00 -16:00

    Trainer/moderator to this workshop is going to be the young graphic designer Martin Ristov from Strumica who is successful in this field from his early teens.
    This workshop will have the goal trough peer to peer education, the young people from Strumica to enter the world of graphic design and to gain basic skills for this art form.
    A starting lesson for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and graphic design in general, and how with little dedication you can make an income as a Freelancer.
    The goal of this workshop is not only to educate but to give the young
    people outlet for creativity and self-employment.

    May be an image of 1 person and text that says "EUROPE HOUSE Peer to peer education: "The basics of graphic design" GRAPHIC DESIGN ·Adobe Photoshop •Adobe Illustrator Martin Ristov 13104|2021 15:00h"

  • 15

    20:00 -21:00
    May be an image of sky and nature
    Light is a really powerful tool and I believe that we can draw focus to any site, city or value using light art. My plan is to work on an unseen scale with unique sites and to push the limits of light art into new dimensions. This will create a new level of impact in raising awareness on many topics.
    My motto is: “Nothing is impossible; it is just a matter of deciding how much you want to use your energy towards achieving it”.
  • 16

    13:00 -17:00

    Daniela Andreska with great experience in the field of communicology shared her skills and knowledge in the field of effective communication with young people in Kriva Palanka.

    May be an image of indoor