15 May


Exhibition “Youth Stories” in Kriva Palanka

The exhibition “Youth Stories” by the young artist and blogger Robert Krstevski on the main square in Kriva Palanka.

The method of preparation of this exhibition is conducted by direct interviews and creative conversations with young people from the north-east region whose stories and messages are his inspiration.

“We conceived the concept based on the messages that young people wanted to convey. We start with the fact that ‘you’ as a person deserve to live a quality and promising youth. Then, we stand up against peer violence and support differences as superpowers.

The second part is the artistic view of the world. Young people send messages that art should be nurtured and respected in all its forms.

“The strongest words close this exhibition, and these are the messages that call for peace and unity because we are all different, but still the same – we are all human.” – Robert Krstevski.

# EuropeDay2022 #thinkforward #StandWithUkranie




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