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Europe House BUZZ – May

Europe House BUZZ – May
Jana Petrovska

Jana Petrovska

Senior Events and Campaigns Manager at Europe House Skopje

Dear Buzzers,

Throughout the 12 + years of my engagement as an events manager, there has hardly been a more exceptional, and more appropriate, occasion for myself to address the public.

When you do your best every day to make a lasting impact with events and activities you produced from scratch–or perhaps help the implementation of someone’s valued concept– small wonders happen along the way. When you firmly believe in the messages you help deliver, there is always a beneficiary. There have been countless priceless moments, witnessing the work bearing fruit… creating space for inspirational stories to be heard; delivering educational content to those whose lives will only be improved by it; recognising excellence and setting an example; providing sources of learning, forums for the exchange of ideas, and opportunities for visibility to those whose access to these is challenged.

In other words: we are always thinking forward.

And when we wrapped up the May Europe Day programme with the slogan consisting of these two words, we sealed in the magic in every single part of the programme.

The Real Buzz was happening.

The small wonders we try to achieve every day in our work produced greater magic this beautiful May. It must have been the result of an honest dedication to the belief that we can reach out, and offer something substantial, to each of you.

We saw the amazing stage energy of the high school bands’ performances, verified by the excited response from their audience; the crowd energy was an encouragement for those youngsters, in case they were wondering: their talent could open many doors for them.

We learned the remarkable 12 stories of personal success, and of contribution to society, of young people who are seemingly just like you and me. Going through them – each full of character, vision and dedication – not only draws you in, but also creates a warm, subtle feeling that each of us can be a bit of a hero, and a reassurance that the future, is indeed bright with such young potential.

And to finish up with the extraordinary musical journey thousands and thousands of people took that May evening with Duke Bojadziev and his outstanding music artist friends… well, we, the team, will never forget the social media quote that went viral the next day: “Skopje City Park, as never before.”

We will keep thinking forward in order to build new, inspirational spaces for you.

Enjoy the summer holidays, and we’ll buzz you again soon 🙂

7 Young Bands ROCKED the MKC Stage

7 young, unstoppable, energetic bands were part of the MKC stage “slaying”, creating and having fun with more than 400 guests though all day. The stage was full of young but bold musicians with their instruments, talents, and good vibes! During the performances, we completely forgot that they`re only high school bands, driven by the BUZZ of the gig.

We are very pleased to support these amazing and talented young people as they spread their wings, and we hope to see you at their next performances, where they will surely achieve new peaks.’


Thank you: |Crno Sobranie |Rezonanca | DIBS | Ulicno Radio | Visionary Records |  Zanadu | Exhibit A |

You were GREAT! Just keep on ROCKING!

Joy for Everybody! – Culinary Gathering at City Park

We LOVE these kinds of events, where everyone benefits. We prepared a full table of traditional meals of the EU member states for the public as part of the Europe Day programme. We invited the member states’ participant Embassies to cook their well-known traditional dishes and to present them at the gathering. 7 member states’ Embassies (Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Germany, and The Netherlands) took part, and they had a chance to meet and greet the citizens at City Park – Shkolka. Moreover, the best chefs from every Embassy were assisted in preparing the food by the students from the Skopje High School for Catering and Tourism “Lazar Tanev” a whole week before the main event. The students had a sneak peek, with the guidance of the best chefs, at the master craft of each member state’s kitchen.

We know that you can almost taste the dishes through the photos.

Bon appetit!

Exhibition: Future of Europe

The exhibition ‘Future of Europe’ was held at the East Gate Mall in celebration of Europe Day. Illustrated pillars were displayed, on each of which appeared the inspirational stories of 15 young people from all over the country, showing the wealth of young human capital here. The individuals profiled met with the EU Ambassador David Geer, discussing with him their own achievements and the European Youth Goal with which they most identify.


Please, just be who you are, and keep doing what you are doing!

Kriva Palanka: Europe House Movie Night with Young People from the Western Balkans

We transformed the cosy backyard of Europe House Kriva Palanka into a cinema under the open sky.

Many young people coming from the Western Balkan countries, and young people from our region specifically, had the chance to watch a movie, hang out, and spend some quality time together.

The audience shared a welcoming green atmosphere, smiles, the sound of the river nearby, and a good movie.

We also discussed the importance of culture and of having a cinema in each city. The youth were unanimous in feeling that going to the cinema is not only an act to watch an individual film but a cultural ritual as well.


Strumica: Opening of the Exhibition “Infinite Blue” by the Artist Panche Georgiev

The exhibition of paintings at Europe House Strumica called “Infinity Blue” by the artist Panche Gjorgjiev was opened on 11.05.2022.

“On the canvas in front of us, we see the simultaneous desire of man for a home, for a warm hearth, for belonging, for a sense like that of a restless spirit that constantly testifies that we are destined to dive into the greatest depths and fly to the farthest heights of ourselves–discovery, “ said one critic about these works of art.

The public liked it – more than 200 people have visited the exhibition throughout the previous month. We will continue to support local artists because our community has such a refined taste for arts and yet it is always hungry for more.

We are always excited to BUZZ you!
Thank you for reading!

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