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Europe House BUZZ – April

Europe House BUZZ – April



Dear readers of Europe House Buzz, fellow artists and young people: I am honoured to be granted the opportunity to share my ideas and motivations in this edition of Europe House Buzz, which I consider to be among the most important and developing platforms for discussing and sharing ideas, growth and forward-thinking in the region and in Europe. As an international artist, as an actor, and simply as a creative person in general—one who has had almost no direct connections, collaborations or involvement with the EU in the past – I would like to share with you some of the reasons why I was delighted to agree to host this year’s #thinkforward Europe Day 2022 proceedings.

As soon as I was approached by the Europe House in Skopje it was clear to me that the goals they have set out to achieve, in terms of improving our society through the efforts of various initiatives of the EU, happen to coincide with many of my personal goals, as well as with the goals of many of my fellow young colleagues and acquaintances. As a human being and as, naturally, but a tiny part of our society, it is only through setting an example for people that I am able to bring about certain changes to the ways in which people coexist, the ways we think and construct ideas, and the ways in which we share our concepts for a better future. As an artist, my influence on society is significantly larger and perhaps more impactful, yet through the years I have ascertained that I can only “plant the seed” for ideology, togetherness, progress and ultimately love among people. I have been given the wonderful opportunity to witness how some of my concerts or films are able to change people, yet it never happens instantly, but rather it is always a process that usually takes many years of individual and societal transformation.

Given these points, one can only imagine my surprise when I learnt that the Europe House had chosen to introduce me to an entirely new and vast platform through which I would be able to communicate these ideas and amplify them so that my small role in reshaping and improving our society might become a little bit larger. Throughout the series of events that I have had the opportunity to host thus far, I have felt that the EU shares my personal motivations and continues to help me in communicating them. I have met both individuals and groups of people who are like-minded, with whom we are building a portion of society that is critical, that takes action, and that does not take “no” for an answer.

I am eager to keep working with Europe House Skopje, for I feel confident that there are many more events to come, as we have many more ideas for a brighter Europe. We are committed to establishing a union in which more young people like myself can thrive and maintain their originality.

That is essentially the point after all: making our world richer, more diverse and simply an advanced place, isn’t it!?


Europe House celebrates art, youthful spirit and creativity!

In honour of the World Art Day in Suli An, we opened an exhibition of works by students of the Faculty of Fine Arts who presented their paintings, graphics, drawings, installations and digital works.

We created a true cohesion of artistic branches and invited students from the Faculty of Design and Multimedia at the American University of Europe – FON; the Faculty of Dramatic Arts with student film screenings; and the Faculty of Fine Arts which, in addition to the works exhibited, prepared an additional collective work.

“Graphic Exhibits” is a conceptual performance reflecting the feelings students have during their work in the printing studio, which as part of Suli An’s space is often visited by curious passers-by.

Art was celebrated in all its forms, colours and dimensions in Suli An’s charming architectural setting with an event including more than 20 young artists and a great atmosphere created by the DJ.

Participating artists:

The works of the following artists were exhibited in the yard and on the terrace on the upper floor: Slavcho Pavloski, Blagoja Grozdanoski, Andriana Milosevska, Ivona Petrova, Lusiana Ampeva, Marta Patlidzankovska, Marija Kjurchieva, Ivona Mladenovska, Gorjana Kalevska, Sara Miloshevska, Nikola Stankovski, Valon Idrizi, Vanesa Oda, Filip Ristevski, Martin Kalkov, Martin Burovski, Sihana Sejfulai, Blagica Trajkoska, Stefan Bozhinovski, Marko Pechenovikj, Marija Jakjovska, Teona Mileva, Milena Petkovska, Mihail Paskoski, Sara Mitkovska, Gabriela Zhivkovska, Teodora Andonoska, Eva Simevska, Simona Trajanovikj, Angela Manchevska and Ivana Sekuloska.

These artists participated with their films: Tina Velichkovikj (“Film about Marjan Velichkovikj-Machor”, documentary, 2021, 17′ 25″), Roze Simonovska (“Self-Portrait”, 2021, 5′), Stefan Bozhinovski (“Here I Am”, 2021, 22′ 05″), and Ana Andonova (“Little Girl”, 2020, 14′ 56″).

The performance “Graphic Exhibits” included: Stefan Bozhinovski, Milena Petkovska, Mihail Paskoski, Gabriela Zhivkovska, Eva Simevska, Sara Mitkovska, Evgenija Trajkovska, and Teona Mileva.

The Duke Bojadziev concert in the City Park was a true enjoyment for all the senses

On the occasion of Europe Day – 9 May celebration, a real fusion of traditional vibrations from the Balkan and Mediterranean region happened through the orchestral and film music of Duke Bojadziev.

The open-air sensation was intensified by narrators Natasa Petrovikj and Amernis Nokshiqi; by the 20-member Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra; as well as by the musicians Bahramji, Medusa Odyssey, Miriam and Isa.

This was a unique experience for Europe Day, particularly through a Macedonian and Albanian narration of Rumi’s poetry followed by a multicultural musical celebration of love, peace and unity.

City Park Skopje has never been so magical a space, connecting so many people with great music, art lights, and bright energy!

Skopje, we look forward to the next unique experience at your venues.

Engage, Connect and Empower through WESTERN BALKANS YOUTH CONFERENCE

#ThinkForward: YOUth ACTion NOW!

2022 is the European Year of Youth, shining a light on the importance of European youth.

The WESTERN BALKANS YOUTH CONFERENCE is designed to provide a new dimension in promoting European values while engaging and better targeting young people in all their diversity. Embedding meaningful youth participation as a principle, the conference establishes three-fold partnerships among the young people through the rubric Engage, Connect and Empower.

Anelija Mitrova and David Mukka were the Skopje-based hosts and welcomed participants from 8 locations across the region. The focus of the entire event was spotlighting European Youth Goals and their meaning when it comes to promoting, integrating and empowering young people from WB6!

Centred in several locations in Skopje, young people had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with their peers and make an impact!

Youngsters from Skopje, Tirana, Prishtina, Podgorica, Sarajevo and Novi Sad were part of the three-day conference. They were split into Multidisciplinary teams to work intensively on finding creative solutions to predetermined challenges by evolving their ideas into developed, validated and applicable solutions. Selected young advocates from each thematic group took over a high-level government discussion and shared with the distinguished officials the solutions of the two-day sessions on what matters most to them within the broad themes of Regional Collaboration and Reconciliation, Mental Health and Climate Change.

Strumica: In the European Year of Youth, on EUROPE DAY – 9 May everything is about YOUNG people!

Aligning with the European Year of Youth and the 11 European Youth Goals, this #EuropeDay2022 Europe House Strumica-the place of the new generation—is dedicating its events to everything that is YOUTH!

Strumica’s Europe Day 2022 programme was a depiction of European values and youthful spirits!

It included sports activities, such as a friendly basketball match between the young people of Strumica and Kriva Palanka “Europe House for Sport”; continuing with “Discover EU through its YOUth goals” as a kick-start event on the 6th of May; “Young Poets for Change” on the 7th of May (all in Strumica), as well as European movie screenings and the happening “Youth Goals Through my Eyes” organised in Radovish on the 9th of May.

As the cherry on top, by the end of the month, we are going to bring Europe to Strumica with the event “Traveling from Home to EU”, where the young people from Strumica are going to experience the cuisine and “visit” the most noticeable landmarks from Europe in their city.

Kriva Palanka: Everyone matters equally! There is no better occasion than Europe Day for YOUR story to be heard

On the occasion of Europe Day, on the 16th of May, the streets of Kriva Palanka were full of young people joining many activities and celebrating Europe Day.

Around 200 young people joined the events organized by Europe House Kriva Palanka in collaboration with the Municipality of Kriva Palanka.

The Deputy Head of the Political Section at the EU, Ferruccio Bogo, and representatives from the Bulgarian Embassy joined the events, giving the young people the opportunity to meet with them and discuss some youth topics.

Also, we have organised activities that are close to the young people’s interests in Kriva Palanka. Our focus is always on the relationship between sport, green activities, and mental health. For that purpose we organized:

Europe Day Inspiring Sports Talks

We want the voice of youth to be heard! Successful young athletes who have enviable success in sports shared their views and experiences and inspired younger generations!

Europe Day 2022 Marathon

The idea behind the marathon is to create a symbolic space for everyone, promote inclusion and social well-being, and encourage community involvement. It is of a non-competitive nature involving youth from the Northeast region and other age groups. The marathon included both run and run-walk categories.

Around 200 people from Kriva Palanka and the region joined the marathon celebrating Europe Day and European Values.

Youth Stories Exhibition

The main idea of the exhibition was to present the stories and messages of the youth from the region by sharing their ideas–interests as well as concerns—and aiming to send the general message that the voice of the youth should be heard and that we should work on creating more youth-friendly societies.

The exhibition is set at the City Square in Kriva Palanka which is in the same urban block as the City Park.


We #thinkForward! Are you with us?

till next BUZZ!

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