Europe House – The Place of the New Generation

Europe House (formerly EU Info Centre) was founded by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of North Macedonia.

With the aim to attract the youth sector and stimulate innovation, the modernized space invites forward thinking individuals, groups, communities and organizations to socialize, generate and present new ideas. It’s conceptually designed to serve as a meet up place to spur debate, inspire collaboration and networking among various segments including entrepreneurs, young innovators, creatives..while promoting EU values.

Inspired by the positive experience in the implementation of activities at Europe House Skopje, the Delegation of the European Union, in partnership with the municipalities, opened Europe Houses in Kriva Palanka and Strumica that will work in the same spirit, but with an emphasis on the local needs and challenges. All these steps aim towards the strengthening of the voice of youth in the society, and towards encouraging them to play a greater role in identifying and addressing challenges. The space is conceptually designed to serve as a venue for encouraging inspiring debate and critical thinking, stimulating innovation and generating new ideas, inspiring collaboration and networking between the youth and various other segments, which encompass entrepreneurs, young innovators, creatives, while promoting European values. Europe House plays the role of a central hub for information and events of interest to youth, as well as for information on the EU assistance in the country.

Welcome to Europe House – The Place of the New Generation.