Duke Bojadziev concert at Skopje City Park

Date and time: May 8, 2022

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Special evening on the occasion of Europe Day, with the Macedonian internationally renowned film composer, music producer and pianist Duke Bojadziev. The concert, open to the general public, will provide an unusual music and visual experience!

Duke and his unique guests, two narrators and a 20-member orchestra, will perform his latest works, a fusion of his orchestral and film music along with some new modern inspirations influenced by his life in France and Spain, mixed with traditional vibes from Balkan and Mediterranean music together with a narration of Rumi’s eternal love poetry in Macedonian and Albanian.

A unique experience to celebrate Europe Day, with a multicultural musical journey of love, peace and unity.

Duke Bojadziev – piano / keyboards / vocals
Special guests:
Bahramji – santur / vocal
Medusa Odyssey – two DJs / guitar / percussion
Miriam and Isa – vocals
Natasa Petrovic – storyteller
Amernis Noksici – narrator + 20-member orchestra composed of members of the Macedonian Philharmonic, conducted by Ana Spasovska.

Start: 20:00
Free Admission!

Organized by the Delegation of the European Union and Europe House.
Thanks to the City of Skopje for the cooperation in the organization of the event.

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