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Student Art Exhibition – Tribute to Lazar Lichenoski

INTIMATE SPACE – HOUSE (intro by Prof. Slavica Janeshlieva, Ph.D., FFA, UKIM in Skopje)

It is an incredible and almost surreal opportunity to organize an exhibition of works by students from the Faculty of Fine Arts, UKIM in Skopje, in Lichenoski’s house, in the center of the city and on the quay of Vardar, in which one of the founders of Macedonian contemporary fine art lived and worked (albeit briefly and towards the end of his life).

At the invitation of Europe House Skopje and in cooperation with the National Gallery of Macedonia, we felt it was not appropriate to exhibit student works that were made on a different theme and with a different idea in the Lichenoski memorial house, and use the walls of the intimate rooms of Lazar and Zoya Lichenoski as walls in any gallery/museum space. That’s why we decided that this exhibition will consist of works created and inspired by Lichenoski’s personality and creativity, by his house and the space within it, but also by the attitude towards culture and cultural heritage. Just as Lichenoski, with his actions, creativity, talent and energy, left a permanent and invaluable testimony, thought, cultural and fine-art heritage, these young creatives, hopefully, future fine/visual creators, need to be authentic and noticed.

We had a short time for research, design, and implementation, but we hope that the elan and youthful energy, so important and cherished by Lichenoski himself, is visible. As a professor at the School of Applied Arts, now the State High School for Fine Arts and Design that bears his name, he created new generations of Macedonian painters/artists who were to create “new art – diction and visual linguistics of the new age”

[1]. In the spirit of education and vision, we turn Lichenoski’s memorial house into a workshop for students to determine or demystify the space and the attitude towards it. That is why at this exhibition all expressive artistic/visual means are allowed in order to express the idea, to “conquer” the space and offer an experience through the offered opportunity to develop the phenomenon of the artistic concept and ignoring the strict divisions of artistic media and artistic fields and even through the incentive to cross with other arts.

[1] Vaseva Dimeska, Viktorija. Lazar Lichenoski  1901-1964; Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje, 1998, p. 102

Damjan Jankoski, 2001 3rd year, Department of Sculpture



Grieving, 2022

Lichenoski is grieving, his works are grieving, the walls of his home are grieving, his entire work is grieving.

Creativity contains emotion, effort, thought and desire. Creation requires talent, time, attention, and a lot of patience. The energy and thoughts of the creator, the place where that person spent their precious time creating – whether the person is among the living or the dead, should be protected, marked and nurtured. The condition of the former home of the famous artist from our area, Lazar Lichenoski, is in a very bad condition. Every stone, every brick, every smallest particle of that home is worth it. The purpose of this exhibition is to attract the attention of the authorities in order to take action to preserve the wealth offered by Lichenoski and his works. Will we be aware and conscientious enough?!


Milena Petkovska, 2000 (4th year, Department of Graphics)

What happened?, 2022

In the kitchen of the house, in the original cupboard left behind, I place small reproductions of Lichenoski’s work and broken glasses. I make the reproductions through a performance (during the opening) looking at Lazar Lichenoski’s paintings and place them in the cabinet, which is their refuge. Broken glasses are the flaws in the treatment of culture, creativity and legacy. Right under the rug is what it would be if the flaws weren’t overlooked. In the room on the left, there is optimism that slowly arranges the space and tries to make it similar to the one imagined.


Sara Mitkovska, 2000, 4th year, Department of Graphics

Negligence, 2022

Negligence towards cultural heritage and living culture.

Evgenija Trajkovska, 2001 (3rd year, Department of Graphics), Sara Mitkovska, 2000 (4th year, Department of Graphics), Mihail Paskoski, 2000 (4th year, Department of Graphics)

Entrance fee – Culture is expensive, but non-culture is even more expensive, 2022

You arrive at the exhibition location. Before the entrance you are greeted by students who say that there is an entrance fee. OK, you ask what the price is. They tell you a ridiculous price, for example: seven denars. You wonder for a second and say to yourself OK, let me see if I have change. You receive a finely arranged card that says “Exhibition in honour of Lazar Lichenoski”. The next visitor after you goes through the same procedure, but the students run out of cards! They take out some roughly torn slips of paper and with a half-empty pen write the same words as on your card. What is the point of this? Are the artists getting carried away again?! That’s right, you’re right. The concept behind this ‘Entrance fee’ performance is the irony of the whole event, of the state of the house in which one of the founders of Macedonian art lived, how the fact that an object is falling apart is equivalent to the state of our wonderful society in which we live, how is it possible to be in deficit of money for maintenance and partial renovation of the house, but we have enough money to give budget to the students so that they can then spend the money in Kaldrma Rakija Bar! But that’s not all!

The nonchalance and lack of interest of the students towards arranging and organizing the event or the task that was given to them and they did not fulfill should represent the lack of interest from the people towards the preservation of the culture and art that are becoming moldy in this country, the fact that no organization took the initiative to pay attention to what is a vital part of our lives, which is art.



Mihail Paskoski, 2000, 4th year, Department of Graphics

Trial cleanup, 2022

The dust and ruins accumulated over the years, visible upon first entering the house, are the elements that inspired me to make this work. The recording of dust and pieces of rubble being poured onto a black canvas was taken in this house, and the canvas with the dust on it, although it is a trial cleaning action, represents memorabilia of the house and the unintentionally nurtured dust.

Sara Mitkovska, 2000, 4th year, Department of Graphics

Pure white canvas, 2022

This work reflects you.

All our actions, intentional or not, result in a positive or negative manifestation.

Sara Mitkovska, 2000, 4th year, Department of Graphics

If it is hidden it does not exist, 2022

This work, on the one hand, represents the man who leaves his native land with desire and hope. On the other hand, it shows people running away from problems – sweeping the dirt under the carpet, that is, not solving problems.

Mariјa Jaкјovska, 2000, 4th year, Department of Graphics

The purpose of the installation is to present the melancholy of the lost (or almost lost) culture and spirit of art in the country; but still with a dash of optimism, alongside its symbol of hope. The installation was made of leftover building materials, and the pigeon was borrowed from a dovecote.

Slavcho Pavloski, 2001, 3rd year, Department of Sculpture

Solidified works, 2022

Artworks have their own place of birth/creation and place where they will “reside” (be exhibited or kept).

Lichenoski’s last works were created here, in his house and studio. In this space is their first emotion. That’s why this work, as a symbol of the emotion of his paintings, is solidified inside his house. For me, it is not so important what state it is in, how it looks and to whom this space belongs, but the impression, knowledge and emotions that we get that the artist Lazar Lichenoski lived and worked here.

Sometimes the first impression can tell us a lot about the things we see, and sometimes we can’t find out anything, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t give them a second chance, look at them in more detail and maybe change our first impressions.

Milena Petkovska, 2000 (4th year, Department of Graphics), Stefan Jakimovski, 1993 (postgraduate studies, Department of Graphics)

Obstacle, 2022

The concept for this work came from the situation of the house you are standing in right now.

Our opinion regarding the situation of the house is identical to what this work represents to you in this space.

A small obstacle that you can easily jump over, go around or pass under, and thus reach the other side and experience the space in its entirety. This is how we visually present to you how we think this place should be experienced by all those in charge of cultural heritage.

The obstacle is also visible from the outside.

Stefan Jakimovski, 1993, postgraduate studies, Department of Graphics

Pause, 2022

Left dormant and forgotten. Damaged by the blade of time that is slowly killing it. Still a drop of light, flares up or goes out. Both the house and the work carry a similar message.


EU with You in Gostivar

EU with You in a municipal visit in Gostivar. More precisely, it started with the Gostivar burek @ Burektore SAC Gostivar.

Ambassador David Geer and Mayor Arben Taravari discussed the challenges facing the municipality, and the role of the local government in the process of accession negotiations with the EU was discussed with the members of the municipal council. We also visited the vaccination center as a beneficiary of the #EU4Health program.

Visar Vishka was the guide through the city’s hidden beauties, and Arlinda Baftiu contributed to even greater spontaneity in the coffee conversation with the locals, civil society and Andi Ismaili.


Open call for all designers, illustrators and painters aged 18 to 35 on the occasion of Europe House Skopje 3rd birthday

Apotheosis of labor” – the famous mosaic by the artist Lazar Lichenoski celebrates the development of labor and humanity. HONEST WORK THROUGHOUT THE CENTURIES CREATED CULTURES AND CIVILIZATIONS AND THE DIGNITY OF A TRUE MAN is the main message of this work, also representing by Lichenoski’s life motto.

Inspired by the idea behind his work, we invite artists in the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia to create a kind of digital extension of Lichenoski’s mural, “Apotheosis of Labor”, using digital tools, meaning:

  • A new digital work that will continue the series of mosaics – endings with the story of the woman marking the 20th century – with its vision of the continuation of the development of labor today.

Details of the mosaic “Apotheosis of Labor”.

Technical requirements:

  • Each participant can take part in the call by submitting 1 or at most 3 conceptual solutions.
  • Illustrations must be delivered in JPG. and PNG. format. The document should not be larger than 10MB.
  • The illustrations are to be in a horizontal format (landscape).
  • Named with the artist’s name and surname or nickname
  • Brief description of the work
  • To be sent to no later than November 27, 2022, 11:59 p.m. E-mail subject: Apotheosis of Labor – Name and surname / nickname of the artist

The selected creative solutions will be part of the thematic calendar of Europe House 2023, and will receive financial compensation. The authors selected will also receive promotion on Europe House social media, web portals and the EU Culture platform.

The creative solutions received will be reviewed by an expert committee formed for this open call, composed of: Zoran Kardula, illustrator and designer; Europe House team member; EU Delegation member.

Europe House reserves the right to choose which of the received creative solutions would be represented in the calendar, in what form and in what part. Europe House reserves the right to receive the selected works as separate graphic elements in the graphic form: .ai, which may later be subject to adaptation to create the 2023 Europe House calendar. Europe House also reserves the right to use the selected works/creative solutions for the needs of its social media.

In the spirit of the entire birthday program, which we dedicate to the character and work of Lichenoski, we aim to transfer the cultural heritage of Lazar Lichenoski to the young generations and give them space to continue, finding new ways and using the resources of the digital world which we have in modern society

European Parliament traineeship

Are you interested in developing youth initiatives of the Assembly? To work with youth organizations? Support in organizing the European Charlemagne Youth Prize?

👉 Post A: Youth Outreach, Youth Engagement and Events

💛 Generating ideas for content on social media and communication campaigns? Producing attractive visuals and multimedia content? Engaging with social media communities?

Apply to 👉 Post B: Social Media and Content Production

💛 Supporting the organisation of EYE2023 and the implementation of the next European elections programme? Implementing an idea development process and coming up with ways to engage young people?

Apply to 👉 Post C and Post D: EYE2023 Event Support
🔗 OR 🔗

Junior Social Media and website assistants (Kriva Palanka and Strumica)

ToR for pool of 6 x Junior Social Media and Website Assistants

Title of ToR: Pool of 6 x Junior Social Media and Website Assistants (non-key experts)

  1. Reference persons

Reference persons for the mission are Project Manager Aneta Spirkoska, e-mail: and Project Director, Carlos Callejo,

  1. Reference documents

Terms of Reference of the Project and the Organization and Methodology (O&M) of Business and Strategies in Europe (B&S Europe) consortium

  1. Terms of Reference Relevance

The assignment will contribute to increasing the level of information and public awareness about the EU in North Macedonia, including EU policy objectives, accession process and EU assistance to the country. It will help to promote the European values through young professionals who will take on this unique opportunity for hands-on experience in gaining experience in social media/website development and maintenance.

  1. Assignment objective(s)

The assignment aims at supporting/assisting the Social Media and Website Management Team of Europe House Skopje and, in particular the Europe Houses’ staff in Kriva Palanka and Strumica in implementing the plan of social media activities and contributing to reaching project objectives.

  1. Main Tasks/Activities

For this activity, we envisage a pool of maximum 6 Junior Social Media and Website Assistants to help with coordination and implementation of all public information and communication  events  and  campaigns  envisaged  under  the project  contract  and to maintain the dynamic engagements of social media profiles of EUHs in Skopje, Strumica and Kriva Palanka. The allocation of tasks to the Junior Assistants will be decided by the TL and the Social Media and Website Management Team based in EH Skopje, but also other EHs’ team members based on necessity and demand as well as based on the level of complexity and urgency.

  1. Related Outputs

The Junior Social Media and Website Assistants are expected to help with keeping updated the social media accounts of Europe Houses in Kriva Palanka and Strumica and to help in updating the EUH’s website, more specifically assist in:

  • Contributing to development and implementation of social media plan through researching relevant EU themes, topics and projects;
  • Monitoring and producing relevant content derived from local/regional programs/activities in close coordination with local Europe House Strumica/Kriva Palanka teams and disseminating across social media platforms;
  • Clear communication that will bring value and EU significance, publishing platform determination, benchmarking, messaging and audience identification;
  • Generate, edit, publish and share daily content (original text, images, video) in close coordination with the EH designers;
  • Optimize Europe House social media pages to increase visibility of its social content;
  • Moderate user-generated content and follow up on requests; and
  • Analyze the appropriate social data/metrics, insights and the best practices, and taking them into account while planning future social media engagements.


  1. Timing and duration of mission/s

The selected experts shall be engaged for a total of up to 50 days for all experts in the pool  (distributed per need) for a period of 3 months, but not later than 11 January 2023.

The experts will be allowed to register from 0,25 to 1 full days in the timesheets.

They will work on an ad-hoc basis, as demanded by the needs of the project’s activities.

In order for them to work, specific demands must be sent by the relevant NKE, as well as the address.

  1. Candidate’s profile

Qualifications and skills

  • A Secondary school degree / University degree in Social Media Marketing or as a Digital Media Specialist, is considered as asset;
  • Solid writing, editing (photo/video/text), presentation and communication skills;
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Macedonian;
  • fluency in written and spoken Albanian would be an asset;
  • Fully computer literate.

General Professional experience 

  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in the field of communication/public relations/content production/marketing.

Specific Professional experience 

  • Minimum 1 year working experience in producing of or actively contributing in online social media content and/or marketing-related activities
  • Sound understanding of major social media channels and platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter);
  • Working experience under an EU-funded projects, would be an asset;
  • Capacity to work within a creative team and in dynamic environment;
  • Experience in working with different target groups and/or multipliers (civil societies, media, academia, government, business, other);
  • Dynamic, motivated, highly committed, and honest.
  1. Performance indicators

The indicators reflecting the NKEs performance are: good planning and execution of the assignment, timely presentation of results and outputs, quality of written inputs to be provided to the events and campaigns team as well as the Team Leader and the Beneficiary.

  1. Evaluation of work

Performance of the task will be assessed by the Social media Team, as well as the Team Leader based on report from the expert.

  1. Other arrangements

Closely work with the Social Media and Website Team under overall supervision by the Team Leader and in coordination with the rest of the team on all steps related to the accomplishment of the above mentioned tasks, to inform and receive approval on all implementation aspects as per Europe House internal rules and procedures.

In accordance with the standard operating procedure, the Junior Assistants will accomplish and sign a monthly timesheet for approval and signature by the Team Leader and EUD, reflecting the actual number of workdays rendered, briefly indicating the place where, and the task for which, these were rendered.

Erasmus+ EU programme for education, training, youth and sport

The European Commission is launching the fourth European Universities call under the Erasmus+ programme.

This new Erasmus+ call for proposals will continue the rollout of the European Universities initiative with a record total budget of €384 million.

The European Universities’ work encompasses all higher education institutions’ missions of education, research, innovation and service to society. These alliances have diverse models of systemic, structural and sustainable transnational cooperation which reinforce the quality, performance, attractiveness and international competitiveness of higher education across Europe, for the benefit of their students and staff, while promoting our democratic values.

The Erasmus+ 2023 European Universities call is now open to the participation of higher education institutions from all Western Balkans countries as full partners in the alliances.

Also, a Seal of Excellence will be awarded to proposals which have been assessed and scored as high quality (above 80 points) but that cannot be funded under Erasmus+ due to lack of available budget.  The seal is a quality label that recognises the quality of the concerned proposals and helps them seek alternative funding at national level.

How to apply

Find the call for proposals for the 2023 Erasmus+ European Universities on the EU’s funding and tenders portal.


The deadline for applications submission is 31 January 2023.

The call is an open competitive call based on qualitative criteria.

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