Caffe Mola – a unique experience in the heart of the Old Bazaar

The story of how I came to the decision to open the small restaurant Mola started right after the pandemic. I lost my job for 7 months, during that period I was constantly thinking about what I could do… and so thinking I spent almost all the collected money and in the end I decided that if I do not take a step towards opening a business I will lose my job and have no money left… in the bazaar right away I found a free shop… and that’s how it all started.

I can not say exactly why the guests keep coming back to us. I think that mostly return for the coffee served in coconut as well as the squeezed juices, users posting on Instagram and the spreading the word of mouth. In addition, a lot of tourists visit us.

In the future I would like to expand as a restaurant because now I have only two tables and there is not enough space for everyone .. and my advice to anyone who wants to start their own business is not to waste time. If they have a good idea and plan, they need to start immediately!


Open Call for Young European Ambassadors

The third Call for the Young European Ambassadors is now OPEN!
YEAs come from different backgrounds, yet they all share a common vision: the Western Balkans united in diversity, learning about each other and EU together, pursuing creative projects, acquiring new skills, connecting via social media, organising inspiring events – always driven by the idea that activism in youth is the most powerful force of social change.
Apply by 30 June! πŸ”—

Environment debate at EU residence

The fourth debate took place within the exhibition “Pink tigers, golden lizards and what not” which is set up at the Residence of πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί.

On this occasion, the inspiration was drawn from Maja Kirovska work and biodiversity – how much each of us contributes to the protection of diversity and how economic development affects the protection of the environment?
Biodiversity is undoubtedly part of the European Green Deal, which encourages a “return to basics” concept while meeting the biodiversity challenges posed by modern living.



World Press Freedom Day

World Press Freedom Day was marked by Ambassador David Geer through a discussion with young professionals at Europe House Skopje on the importance of young reporters in the sector.
Young people are key to developing innovation, creativity and competitiveness.
The 2022 index makes significant progress in media freedom, but also emphasizes the need for increased professionalization of the field.

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